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My name is Lisa-Marie, I have a degree in Naturopathic medicine since 2011and am a qualified Zen Yoga teacher for the last 7 years.  I am also a musician and use sound and music as a healing art.

My training has allowed me to understand and identify the routes to better health.

I am dedicated to sharing tools and knowledge for individuals and companies to empower themselves and become more resilient to life’s stressors and pressures.

I work in London and Sussex to bring well being services such as massage, yoga and sound meditations into the workplace.

Mondelez, Moonbug, Astound, ISDA and  Reward Gateway are a few of the companies that I have worked for and that recognise the benefit and importance of well being for their employees and ultimately the company as a whole.



For me, Inner Balance is all about finding our way back to the centre of our being.  The place where we feel empowered, strengthened and vital! The place where we speak, act, feel and do with depth, passion and whole heartedness.


The world inside ourselves and around us can be chaotic at times and i feel it is easy to lose our connection to this sense of peace, vibrancy and connection. My aim is to guide you back to your centre, your feeling of peace, strength and health through Yoga, massage and vibrational sounds.


Yoga teacher, Massage therapist and Hangdrum musician 

Coporate Massage and Yogahttp://www.officevitality.co.uk

Nutritionist https://www.abicord.com/graham-price/ 

Volunteer Yoga teacher for Network of Eritrean Womenhttp://www.neweriuk.org

Deep relax Yoga and Pilates Retreat  2018  Malaga, Spain