The landscape of sound


Tibetan singing bowls are ‘resting bells’ that originate from the east and were made mostly in Bhutan, India, Nepal and Tibet dating back some 4000 years ago. I studied sound healing with Viktor Oguy who travels the world in search of authentic and traditional sound healing practices.

The Tibetan singing bowls are made from 7 different metals including gold and silver and the sounds which are created when the bowl is struck have a very beneficial impact on the nervous system. The bowls seem to guide the body into particular states of consciousness that are associated with slower brain wave activity.  When the brain wave activity becomes slower, a more relaxed/meditative state is achieved, learning becomes easier and inner genius qualities tend to become heightened.

As the sound of the bowls trigger a relaxation response which leads to numerous health benefits.  The bowls can be effective in reducing physical pain, easing emotional states like anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, anger, stress, sadness and impatience.  If you are interested to learn more about the scientific research behind this ancient therapy please refer to the website.


Sound immersions provides a place for spaciousness and manifestation. Just as in most meditative practices, we are able to listen to the internal echoes of our soul and shape our outer reality accordingly.



One to one sessions include working with crystal singing bowls, tibetan singing bowls, shamanic drum and various other instruments to provide a unique healing experience.  Please get in touch if this is something you wish to explore.

If you are interested to hear the sound of the crystal and tibetan singing bowls please take a look at a recent recording i have made.