IMG_20170508_201129Lisa-Marie has had a fascination with healing since she was a young woman, However it was when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 she began to explore and discover the impact of how particular dietary, lifestyle and holistic practices could effect ones state of health, body, heart and mind.

Within a few months she left South Africa and enrolled onto a BSc Naturopathy degree at University of Westminster and the floodgates towards a different life opened for her. Since that time she has witnessed, practiced and experienced the positive healing effects and power of natural medicine on herself and others. It has become clear to her how with gentle dedication and perseverance illness can be overcome, unhealthy habits let go off and healthy ones cultivated instead.

Her journey into Yoga and Meditation began in University and she felt almost instantaneously the desire to share the benefits of what she was experiencing with others. Eventually and with huge gratitude she was able to complete her 200hr teacher training with Daizan Roshi, elder of the Independent Yoga Network (IYN) who brought Zen yoga to the west after living in Japanese monasteries for over 20 years.

Now days her mornings are simply not the same without dedicating them to the practice of yoga and meditation. Naturopathy has become a way of life that has filtered into all areas of day to day living. The practice has allowed her to develop a strong and flexible body and mind. Along the way she has noticed how both yoga and meditation has allowed her to reconnect with the sacredness of life, the beauty of simple moments and how Naturopathy is an integral part of this process. Her aim is to encourage, support and empower you on your journey towards a life that is more healthy, empowered, peaceful, authentic and heart centred.

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